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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

About us

As the official Amazon AWS partner in Baltic states we help companies grow by guiding them to world public cloud No. 1 and making sure their stay there is as pleasant as possible.

Why Amazon AWS?

No. 1

Market leader since 2006

63 price reductions in 10 years


Over 130 services

2.238 new features in 3 years

Largest community

Integration with all major vendors

Thousands of ready-made solutions in AWS Marketplace



Migration to AWS

We help companies make a leap to worlds No. 1 cloud with simple lift-and-shift or architecture redesign according to AWS best practices (otherwise, why make the move, right?). Setup of environment, data migration, shift to managed AWS services, training and consultations - everything from the hands of certified AWS professionals.



If service-oriented-architecture (SOA), microservices and building world-class web and mobile apps is your goal, then containers is the tool for you. And we are here to help you master it with creating, managing, scaling and orchestrating containers with AWS tools.


Environment review

We help current AWS customers in evaluation of their setup, used services and configuration with special focus on security, networking and cost-optimization. All this performed by certified AWS professionals with deep understanding of AWS best practices.


Cost optimization

Amazon AWS has over 130 services and the same infrastructure can be built with different sets of these “building blocks”. If you are already using AWS, invite us to have a look - we will identify places that could be optimized. You have nothing to lose, as you only pay, if we achieve significant savings!



If paying by credit card as soon as the end of month comes is not at your best convenience, you can buy Amazon AWS services from us with standard invoice and 15 days due date. The move requires zero effort from your side!

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