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Cost Optimization

AWS has way over a hundred services and a number of pricing options, so the same results can be achieved in different ways. If you are already using AWS, invite us to have a look and identify places that could be optimized.

Cost Optimization

Continuous cost optimization

All customers of Cloudvisor that are buying AWS services via us are getting AWS recommended cost optimization and security monitoring tool for free! CloudCheckr will continuously monitor your AWS environment and look for places to lower the costs like choosing different pricing options, deleting unused or changing underutilized resources and older generation instances. Next to that, you will receive an email from Cloudvisor team on a monthly basis with top recommendations and ideas to optimize your spending.

Cost Optimization

Cost audits

We have very extensive experience on ways to lower bills for AWS services and are always happy to put it in practice. If you would like us to take a deeper look at your AWS environment and provide you with recommendations and insights, just let us know. You have nothing to lose, as you only pay if we achieve significant savings on your monthly AWS bill!

Cost Optimization

FinOps services

FinOps is “cost optimization as a service”. It’s a combination of systems, best practices and culture aimed to increase ability to understand cloud costs and make rational tradeoffs. While providing FinOps services we are utilizing a set of best practices – like resource tagging, continuous monitoring, change management, etc. – and become a trusted advisor both to IT and finance teams of our customers. As this service basically pays for itself, it is highly recommended to anyone spending 10k or more per month on AWS services.