AWS for Startups

Startups have a unique need for flexibility and cost-efficiency that many AWS partners struggle to meet. This is why Cloudvisor specializes in providing AWS services for startups, and has helped secure more than $1.5 million in AWS credits for top startups like yours.

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AWS is a Perfect Fit for Startups

AWS is often perceived as too expensive for startups, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The AWS Activate program enables startups to apply for a lifetime total of up to $100,000 in credits that let them take advantage of AWS services with no initial cost. This can mean that the first invoice from AWS arrives months or even years after you start using the service!

Cloudvisor specializes in guiding startups through the AWS Activate application process and getting the most out of AWS in their business at the same time.

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Over 100 Startups
Have Trusted Us

When looking for a business partner, you want someone with a proven track record. Cloudvisor has worked with over 100 startups to successfully get the most out of AWS solutions tailored to their requirements.

We Have Helped Secure More Than $1.5 Million Credits

One of the key ways we help startups is by guiding them through the process of applying for AWS credits through the AWS Activate program. Our guidance and experience have helped startups grow and scale at a much faster pace, and enabled them to build using the world’s best cloud services from day one.


We Understand How Best to Use AWS Credits

First of all, AWS credits can be used to reduce your bills and optimize your usage of Amazon Web Services. Secondly, it's nice to have help from someone when using AWS credits to their fullest potential so that you can focus on growing your business. The Cloudvisor team is here to support you with expert knowledge, and our skilled AWS experts can guide you through each stage of the startup journey.

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The Process


The Consultation
Over a short call we discuss your needs, and ascertain whether your business is eligible to receive credits.


The AWS Activate Application
We check your eligibility for credits with AWS that makes the final decision and guide you through the process of application.


If and when AWS will award your the credits, you can use them and enjoy the benefits of AWS without needing to worry about the bills for a while.


Continued Growth
We help you grow your business and scale-up to become the next unicorn!


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

"We love working with Cloudvisor. Their service is excellent, and their overwhelming support helped us grow a lot. Their team was always ready to assist us when needed; with their help, we received the first portion of AWS credits that helped our startup scale, and we are about to opt for further AWS credits to keep our growth going. We would recommend Cloudvisor for every startup that seeks growth of their business and IT infrastructure."

Aleksei Shevchuk

Our Certificates

We take pride in our depth of knowledge and have worked hard to acquire a number of certifications in specialized areas of AWS. Our team has a total of 38 certificates as of today.


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