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AWS Resell

Is your company already using AWS services? Then we have a deal for you! There is value hidden in the money you spend on AWS, waiting to be unlocked. Switching your AWS billing under Cloudvisor - official AWS reseller - would allow us to provide you with a number of benefits like better pricing, cost optimization audits, or free DevOps services.

General benefits of AWS Resell service:

Making the switch would allow us to provide you with a number of benefits that would include:

Personal account manager (AWS Solution Architect certified) acting as a trusted advisor for anything related to AWS

Free consulting on AWS related topics

Access to PoC credits from AWS

Standard invoices with a due date (no more credit cards!)

Participation in invite-only AWS related workshops

Contribution to the local AWS community (at least 1% of your AWS spend will be used for organizing community events)

On top of the general benefits you are eligible to choose one of these benefit packages according to your company's specific needs:

AWS Resell


3% discount on all AWS spend

50% off standard CloudFront service rates

AWS Resell


5 hours of cloud specialist services for every 10k EUR of accumulated spend

AWS Resell


4% from your monthly spend donated to a nonprofit of your choice

What our clients have to say

Client RoboLabs provides modern accounting services: user-friendly, intuitive, and AI-driven ROBO accounting platform reduces the chances of human error and can quickly adapt to unique business needs. Moreover, the ROBO platform integrates directly with institutions, banks, and a variety of other systems to save time for its clients and simplify accounting.

Cloudvisor has helped Robolabs to make a move from another cloud provider to the world’s no. 1 public cloud Amazon Web Services and save with AWS Resell solution.

"We decided to move to AWS in order to improve efficiency and security of our platform, and we’re grateful Cloudvisor has helped to make it a reality by providing professional advice and hands-on migration services. In addition, we’re glad AWS Resell helps us save every month. By partnering with Cloudvisor, we’re sure our AWS infrastructure is in good hands."

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